A Heart that is Loved

Her sisters were always described with words like smart, talented, talkative, beautiful. She remembered very different descriptive words used on hers … sticks and stones kind of words.

She often looked in the mirror and tried to picture how she would look without the glasses. Was she pretty behind the gaudy frames and thick lenses? Would anyone care?

Make-up soon became her good friend. For years no one would see her until she had first applied foundation and then layered the perfect blend of colors on top of it. The thick specs had given way to contacts and she felt almost normal … but only with the mask.

Then she met him. He told her that she was beautiful.

Still she kept the makeup on and he never saw her without it. But one day he did, and she felt worse than naked. But he still said she was beautiful.

One day, he saw her in glasses. He said they were cute. It took a while for her to believe it … but finally she did.

Finally she realized that love isn’t blind. It sees more than meets the eye. It sees beyond to the heart. And a heart that is loved creates a life that is beautiful.


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