The Place Where I Belong

I'm going HomeOn Sunday I posted a song titled “Home.”

Part of the chorus is …

I’m going home, to the place where I belong

Where your love has always been enough for me

It might not have been the intention of the singer, but the words made me think of that one true Home. Just the word “Home,” for me, is synonymous with “Heaven.” Maybe it’s from having lived in so many places and moving so many times in my life, that I can’t really call any one place “Home.” No matter how perfect a situation or how lovely an abode, I know it won’t last forever.

Only one home lasts forever.

And I admit sometimes I’m homesick … of a place I don’t remember, of a Home I’ve never seen. Times that “inconsolable longing” wells up so thickly inside that my heart feels it can’t stand the pressure. When my soul reaches toward something that I can never grasp hold of in this life.

Later in the song, a line says,

The miles are getting longer now

The closer I get to you

Again, I don’t think the singer was referring to an other-worldly destination, but isn’t that how it seems? So far? The miles stretching out endlessly between now and forever.

Perhaps it’s that very longing, though, that draws us close to the side of the Comforter, and welcomes us into the heart of Love that is always open to our cry. One day He will welcome us home … with arms wide open.

Until then, no matter how long the miles or how tiring the journey, He is with us. He gives life, light, and purpose. And that’s what makes the journey worth it all.


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