Delight of the Dance

Baby Sleeping on Mother's Chest[From The Divine Embrace, by Ken Gire]

Dancing is more than getting the steps right. It’s about feeling the music and moving to the music. It’s about losing ourselves in the embrace of someone we love. Above all, it’s about joy.

There is satisfaction in getting the steps right. There is a thrill in the grand, sweeping movements of the dance. There is something gratifying about the acknowledgement of others. And yet . . .

The joy of the dance is not in the preciseness of our steps.

It’s not in the exhilaration of being swept away.

It’s not in the affirmation of the audience.

The joy of the dance is in the delight in our partner’s eyes.

The dance of intimacy is more than just steps. It’s about being in the Lord’s arms as we follow his steps, close enough to his heart that we feel the music. It’s not about just being swept away, however good that feels. It’s about being swept away by him. It’s not about what others think of us; it’s about what he thinks. And what he thinks is captured in his eyes. …

When Jesus looks at us, no matter how we feel about ourselves, he feels delight.

And that delight is in his eyes before we ever take our first step, just as the delight that God the Father had for his Son was in his eyes before Jesus took his first step. On the day of Christ’s baptism, a proud Father spoke out: “This is my Son, chosen and marked by my love, delight of my life” (Matthew 3:17, The Message). The Father delighted in Jesus before he died on the cross. He delighted in Jesus before he made his first disciple, before he preached his first sermon, before he performed his first miracle. Why? Because Jesus was his Son.

If you’ve ever had a child, you know.

The delight is there long before the first step.

[Baby Sleeping on Mother’s Chest — Image by © Jerry Tobias/Corbis]


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