A New Year’s Wish

New Year Candle

I called a good friend of mine for his birthday. Life is busy for him, as for many of us. He works 14-to-16-hour days and has very little downtime or off-time.

I jokingly told him, “Well, I hope you at least enjoy your work.”

“I hate it,” he answered, perhaps also somewhat jokingly. But his statement fell like a rock into my heart. Because there are few things I would wish more for him than to find a meaningful vocation, something he loves and looks forward to, a place he feels a sense of purpose thrilling him … perhaps not every day but most days.

It’s something I wish for so many people in my life. For you, who are reading this now. For my family. My friends. My children, even though they are still young. For everyone, actually, if it’s not too strange to extend a wish to the world.

That everyone had something of purpose and meaning to devote their time too. Maybe not a vocation. Maybe a hobby. Or a mission. Maybe a child. Or a dream.

That points you forward and directs your sails, like the Morning Star.

In this New Year, may you find purpose. And may it carry you through each day into a life of meaning. A life of love. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about anyway.

As I mentioned in my other blog, I will not be blogging for a while or getting on Facebook. Disconnecting in order to reconnect. A friend of mine might be posting some quotes on the theme of purpose here every now and again. Otherwise, I look forward to connecting with you again in about 40 days.

Happy New Year!


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