Bring Joy Back

Yesterday I posted about a dream I had last week, in which a former neighbor I haven’t seen for years played a main character. The other main “character” was a song, “Ships in the Night,” by Matt Kearney, which I posted on Monday.

I don’t know why I had the dream, but the title of the song reminded me of something I read a few months ago, in a book of prayers for everyday-type things. (And often, those everyday things are the things that hit us the hardest and the deepest.)

I’m sharing this prayer by Marjorie Holmes, for anyone whose heart and soul might echo these words:

“I will trust in the Lord to bring joy back into my marriage. I am so lonely. My husband is so lonely. We can’t talk to each other any more. … We can’t reach each other.

We pass like ships on a dark night at sea, fearful of drawing too close lest we crash. There is a great fog between us. We call out to each other, but the fog of our different interests and many concerns blurs the message.

The sound is harsh and forlorn. It is meaningless. Even the occasions when we try to come together as man and wife are meaningless. It is worse than if we were strangers; strangers would take some interest in each other. But though we are supposed to love each other, and do, there is no delight.

Lord, let the light of your presence bring joy back into our marriage. Burn bright within each of us, to warn us and cheer us to that it breaks down the fog between us.

Dear Lord, shine through me as a person to reach my husband and draw close to him in love and joy, the way you meant us to.”

– Marjorie Holmes in I’ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God


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