Brand New Looks so Good on You

jeans that hang rightWhen I was a teenager, I had no sense of style. None. And I didn’t want to.

I knew people wore jeans because they were in style. So I refused to wear jeans. Hippies were “out” of style, so I adopted that manner of dress. Brightly colored dresses that swept to my ankles. Long hair that I always wore out and straight. Natural.

I (somehow) became friends with a girl about my age for whom style was a huge thing. Not just for her, but everyone around her as well. Guys included.

When we would go out to the beach or a mall, she would comment on the clothing styles of those we would pass by. One of her favorite statements were, “Those pants just don’t hang right.”

If a guy’s pants “hung right,” he was cool in her books.

She never tried to do much to change my style of clothing, although I began slowly wearing different kinds of clothes. These days, 15 or so years later, I’ll usually dress for the occasion.

I still don’t like shopping for clothes. I don’t think I ever will. If I absolutely have to, I’ll pick up an article of clothing or a pair of shoes. The only type of clothes shopping I don’t mind is browsing through the racks at a thrift store, because I never know what neat things I might find there.

Perhaps a hippy dress or pants that “hang just right.”

The Bible lets us know that anyone who comes to know Jesus Christ is a “new creature.” More than that, “old things are passed away and all things are become new.”

Styles fade and fads come and go every passing season. But, as Bart Millard sings in “Shake,” “Brand new looks so good on you.”

That kind of New, that kind of Brand, is something that will never grow old. “So shake like you’ve been changed.”


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