The True Author of the Story

pen and ink

The author has full control over the story he writes. Fiction or non-fiction. Steampunk or cyberpunk. Romance or drama or a bit of both. Flash fiction, short story, novel, or series.

And the characters.  The author determines who will be the hero and who the villain, or who might have a combination of good and evil; who will have a character arc and who will remain unchanged and oblivious at the end of the tale.

As an aspiring author, Francesa Battistelli’s song “Write Your Story” resonates with me. I know that while I can choose to write any number of stories, of any genre and manner of creativity, there is one story I can’t write.

One I should not want to write even if I could. The story of my life.

There have been times (are times, I should say) that I try to grab the pen, to determine my lines, to wrest control over the happenings. But when I do so, I only end up with smudges on the pages and tragedy written into the story of my life.

I couldn’t imagine one of my characters attempting the same thing. At best, I might listen to their suggestions, but if they got testy or demanding, I would probably write them out of the story altogether, or at least stop listening to their foolish pleas.

After all, I’m the author. Who are my characters to think they know what’s going on, or think they know better? They can’t see the story line. They don’t know what I have planned. The twist. The arc. The “happily ever after.” And how could they? They are characters.

As am I.

Living, yes, and breathing, and full of ideas and passions and desires and dreams. But all these are given by the One who dips His pen in the ink of sky and begins to write the story of my life. Continues to write in spite of the times I mess things up or try to come up with my own twist or surprise ending. And thank God for that.

Let me be an empty page. Let me be an open book. Because, as an Author, as in everything else, You are perfect, and Your story is perfect. It will stand forever as being penned by Your hand, but only if I let You write it.

Write Your Story.


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