From overwhelmed to Overwhelmed


I am fairly frequently overwhelmed. Usually at the start of a week, when looking at the to-do list I’ve composed for the days ahead.

Will I ever be able to fit all these in?

Often, by the end of the week, I haven’t managed to accomplish everything (and always have those items that rollover onto the next week). But I survived. And then I compile the upcoming week’s list-of-things-to-do.

And I am overwhelmed once more. You undoubtedly know the feeling. And it’s not a nice one. The feelings that ride along the tail of overwhelmed are incapable, stressed, and fatigued.

But Overwhelmed by God. In awe of His glory. Amazed at His presence. Stunned at the saving power of the Cross.

The feelings that follow such wonder are delighted, free, redeemed.


God, when I am overwhelmed … by life, by work, by all that surrounds me, let me look up, behold Your goodness, and be overwhelmed by all that You are.


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