One Sure Source

We all need help even right now. In one way or the other you need help. Where does your help come from, when you are in need of help who first comes into your mind what is your first port of call? Who is the first person you approach!

The world today is in serious messy, people too are in need of help. Problems are sprouting and mushrooming all over. In your life, your family, your work, your body, your marriage/relationship everywhere, somewhere something is calling for attention. It needs help. The successful and outstanding people in the world are ordinary people who face ordinary problems like you and me. The secret of their success is determined by their treatment to their live problems. Their attitude towards such tough and rough situation makes their destination different. The sun’s heat destroys wax and hardens concrete slab. How you react to the problems in your life determines how problems will treat you. Flowers bud/blooms under stress, juice is obtained under stress, and babies are born under serious stress and pain. Good things of life come under stress. Why are you stroking, dying, hospitalized under stress today? Your help comes from the Lord!

King David was once in such a situation, he tried running away and hiding from his enemies yet he learnt one important thing. Real, true, lasting, Help comes from God. When he lifted up his eyes to the hills there was no help and only discovered that only from God his help came from. He remembered how with a sling and four stones he had killed a giant (Goliath), he remembered how with his bare hands he tore a lion and hyena into pieces. Where are you getting your help today? Money will not solve your marital problems, your possessions will not heal your sickness, and your status/job will not give you love and peace, your boyfriend will not stop you from evil attacks. Where are you getting your help from? My help comes from the Lord!

[Reprinted from Raphiel Manenge]


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