Submission Your Trademark – A Prayer

Let me be led by Your Spirit, guided by Your hand. Let these not be just words but the deep prayer of my heart. Help me to surrender to You in every way, even when it means giving up some of my so-called rights. Lord, You had every right, and made Yourself a servant. I have no rights, and make myself a queen.

Forgive me. I know You have. Your grace is renewed each morning. Thank You for that, dear Lord. Help me to lean on You and in leaning, find my strength, my direction, and my joy.

Lord, it is hard to imagine, harder to fathom. That You, everything perfect and good and righteous and holy – beautiful beyond all reckoning and wise beyond all knowing – became a baby, a child, a man. Stepped down to this place, so torn with sin and brokenness and paralyzed in fear. So shadowed in darkness.

God, You came to bring Light, for Jesus, You were the Light. With every quiet healing, with every hungry mouth fed, every tear that was dried, every mother who got to hold her child again, God, you wiped away the tears and brought Life.

For You are the Author of Life. Such love. Bringing life and light and hope, knowing that in order to do so, You would have to die. But willing, so willing. Though it grieved You to even think of it. You stepped forward in combat, not fearlessly arrogant, but kneeling in surrender to Your Father’s will.

Submission was your trademark, and love your essence. I have known the story for as long as I can remember, but it still fills my soul with wonder. I cannot understand it. I can only accept it, thank You for it, and beg, plead for you to stay by my side, to give me such love as only You have, such grace as only You can give, such love for the Father, for those around me, as only You can bestow.

And I know that You will, for bringing healing and heaven is who you are. It is what You do. When You walked the earth, for moments of beauty and renewal, a glimpse into life itself. But one day, one day you will bring life again and the light of the world will come to stay. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Thank You, and even so come.


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