Loved. Welcomed. Flawless.

My eight-year-old son has a new favorite song: Flawless, by MercyMe.

It could be because of the music video. Being covered in paint is every child’s idea of a great time.

It could be because of the people shown in the music video, and the things they struggle with:

  • Sicknesses
  • Disorders
  • Regret
  • Fear
  • Pain

As much as I might wish my children did not know some of these feelings, some of these fears, at the same time, it is part of being human.

And it is part of being made Flawless.

Perhaps that is what my son loves so much about the song. It’s what brings tears to my eyes every time I watch the video. The people who admit to their sicknesses and struggles, fears and failures, regrets and rashness … each of them begin to smile. And in the place of those things is one word.


Cleansed. Made pure. Washed white in the blood of the Lamb. Imperfect, yes. That we know all too well, every time we look in the mirror, every time we search our own heart.

But altogether beautiful.

Passionately loved.

Forever saved. Welcomed into the presence of the Father through the sacrifice of the Son.



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