A Persistent Preoccupation

treasure hidden in a field

If there is one driving sentiment that heaven is worthy of, it is obsession. Unfortunately, like desire and passion, obsession has been dirtied by the world. Pure, irresistible desire has been undermined in many parts of the church. Yet it perhaps best characterizes the kind of hope the early church had for the bliss that awaited them after this life. …

The man from Jesus’ parable of the treasure in the field was indeed compelled by a persistent preoccupation with a somewhat unreasonable idea, was he not? This is the missed point of the story. The man did something rather unorthodox to obtain something he obviously thought was unattainable any other way. He sold all he had, a tremendous sacrifice, and he went to great lengths to own the treasure by buying the field that contained it.

He was guided by his obsession. Foolish in the eyes of the law, yes, but his reward was indeed great. … The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure, and that treasure of worthy of our greatest obsession. – Ted Dekker


2 thoughts on “A Persistent Preoccupation”

  1. Nice. I read a book authored by Randy Alcorn, entitled “Heaven…” forgot the whole title. But it was the best book I ever read on the subject eternity. Much was explained or postulated how our life would look like here on earth, after the redemption. Would highly recommend it.


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