The Path of Trust

a way in the wilderness

Relationships gain strength when they are stretched to the breaking point and do not break.

Seeing this principle lived out among people, I can better understand one of the mysteries of relating to God. Faith boils down to a question of trust in a given relationship. Do I have confidence in my loved ones – or in God, as the case may be? If I do stand on a bedrock of trust, the worst of circumstances will not destroy the relationship.

Abraham climbing the hill with his son at Moriah, Job scratching his boils under the hot sun, David hiding in a cave, Elijah moping in a desert, Moses pleading for a new job description – all these heroes experienced crisis moments that sorely tempted them to judge God as uncaring, powerless, or even hostile. Confused and in the dark, they face a turning point: whether to turn away embittered or step forward in faith. In the end, all chose the path of trust, and for this reason we remember them as giants of faith. – Philip Yancey, Reaching for the Invisible God


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