Faith that Transcends Doubt

faith and doubt

Doubt is the skeleton in the closet of faith, and I know no better way to treat a skeleton than to bring it into the open and expose it for what it is: not something to hide or fear, but a hard structure on which living tissue may grow. …

“I don’t know how the kind of faith required of a Christian living in the 20th century can be at all if it is not grounded on the experience of unbelief,” wrote Flannery O’Connor to a friend. … “‘Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.’ It is the most natural and most human and most agonizing prayer in the gospels, and I think it is the foundation prayer of faith.” … Doubt always coexists with faith, for in the presence of certainty who would need faith at all? …

Books such as Job, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and Lamentations show beyond question that God understands the value of human doubt, amply portraying it in sacred scripture. Modern psychology teaches that since you can’t really eliminate your feelings you might as well go ahead and express them openly, and the Bible seems to agree. Those who honestly confront their doubts often find themselves growing into a faith that transcends the doubts. – Philip Yancey, Reaching for the Invisible God


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