Rightful Worship

a bird

“Without Him was not anything made that was made

In Him was life…” (John 1:3-4).

“No one has ever truly created anything.

No one, that is, except God. . . .

When we attach our worship to something less than God, we end up consuming and casting off the person of thing we worship in His place. And in the consuming and casting off, we reveal that the true object of our worship is self. . . .

Not only do we worship the creation in place of the Uncreated One, we convince ourselves that we are like Him in His ability to create something from nothing. We confuse stewardship with ownership, viewing ourselves as givers of life.

We take the gifts that God has given us to steward – gifts like leadership, administration, and mercy – and we use them to fuel our “creator complex,” employing them to build our own kingdoms instead of His. We look at the little kingdom we have brought into being and assert ownership over it. . . .

Al worship is owed to God, not because He demands it (although He rightly does), but because He made us. He is our origin. And anything good that we build or accomplish or “create” originates not in us but in Him.” – Jen Wilkin, None Like Him


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