The Peace God Gives – a Devotional

1563833627409_verse_imageThe peace God gives is built on the awareness that we all have purpose and cause for existing. As we mature in our spiritual nature and learn what this life is all about, we discover that only our heavenly Father can give us lasting calmness within. Once we realize this, we no longer toss and turn, trying to find an answer to our daily struggles.

We have reconciled with God through Jesus, His Son, that life has meaning in Him, and we are created in God’s image.

We know Jesus, the Alpha and Omega.

We finally know who we are. We have inner tranquility of mind, soul, and spirit. There is a calmness to our presence that is recognizable as God’s peace.

When our lives reflect God’s love and joy, those around us will be drawn to us and see the outward expression of this fruit of the Spirit.

They’ll want to know where they can get it — a perfect opportunity for us to share our Lord’s love and provisions.

Lord, may I continue to be willing and patient to develop my life toward the precious virtue of peace. Help me to always point people to You as the source of ultimate peace. Amen.

by Emilie Barnes, from In the Stillness of Quiet Moments

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