Welcome to “Christian Music and Inspirational Quotes”! Have a look around, and please stay a while. You’ll find songs, pictures, posts, and quotes on a variety of themes, including love, purpose, worth, faith, and much more.

Get in touch if you have any suggestions, links, or a story of your own to share with us.

Monday – You will usually find a link to a song or a movie, often with lyrics or an accompanying post.

Tuesday Timeless Truths – Don’t miss checking out these succinct snapshots of scripture and sharing them with friends and loved ones.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom – From C. S. Lewis to Dr. Seuss, quite a few people throughout history have written about finding one’s purpose in life, and we think you’ll agree with their wee words of wisdom.

Thursday Thoughts – Just a few thoughts from us who get that kind of shiver deep in the soul when talking about things like purpose, destiny, and love. We’re happy to welcome guest bloggers too, so get in touch if you have anything to share!

Friday Fun, Films, Facts – The sky is the limit. What more can we say?

We hope you’ll enjoy everything (or at least 99.99% of the things) you’ll find here. Please like us on Facebook and spread the word!


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