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The Peace God Gives – a Devotional

1563833627409_verse_imageThe peace God gives is built on the awareness that we all have purpose and cause for existing. As we mature in our spiritual nature and learn what this life is all about, we discover that only our heavenly Father can give us lasting calmness within. Once we realize this, we no longer toss and turn, trying to find an answer to our daily struggles.

We have reconciled with God through Jesus, His Son, that life has meaning in Him, and we are created in God’s image.

We know Jesus, the Alpha and Omega.

We finally know who we are. We have inner tranquility of mind, soul, and spirit. There is a calmness to our presence that is recognizable as God’s peace.

When our lives reflect God’s love and joy, those around us will be drawn to us and see the outward expression of this fruit of the Spirit.

They’ll want to know where they can get it — a perfect opportunity for us to share our Lord’s love and provisions.

Lord, may I continue to be willing and patient to develop my life toward the precious virtue of peace. Help me to always point people to You as the source of ultimate peace. Amen.

by Emilie Barnes, from In the Stillness of Quiet Moments


Share Your Cup – a Devotional


When the Lord fills our cup, He intends us to pour it out. He encourages us to fill the cups of others with His love. And when we do, the sweetness of His love and peace flows from cup to cup.

Don’t let this time in your life go unchallenged by change. Even in seasons of despair, reach up and grab on to helping others with the gifts God has given to you.


Giver of all gifts, my prayer is that each person I meet will discover and use the gifts You have given them to help someone along the way.

And help me use my gifts to point people to you. Amen.

  • by Emilie Barnes, from In the Stillness of Quiet Moments

Who Doesn’t Pray?

Who of us, however faithful or faithless, doesn’t pray in a moment when the lump on the breast turns out to be malignant? Or in another moment when an officer calls to report an accident in which a loved one has been critically injured?

Who of us doesn’t pray at the birth of a child? Or at the death of a parent? At the Bar Mitzvah of a son or at the wedding of a daughter? Who of us doesn’t pray when a radio bulletin tells a nation its president has been shot or when a television broadcast tells a community that one of its children has been kidnapped? Who of us doesn’t pray when the young men and women of our country are sent into battle? Or when a baby has a temperature of 106?

Who of us doesn’t pray then?

Some prayers are wept in the foxholes of life; others, whispered in the serenity of a spring day. Some are spoken in innocence; others in repentance. Some, in faith; other in doubt.

Prayers are as diverse as the people who pray them, but together they reflect a universal longing for God. – Ken Gire, Between Heaven and Earth

A Deposition on Vices, St. Augustine

Pride imitates loftiness of mind, while you are the one God, highest above all things. What does ambition seek, except honor and glory, while you alone are to be honored above all else and are glorious forever? The cruelty of the mighty desires to be feared: but who is to be feared except the one God, and from his power what can be seized and stolen away, and when, or where, or how, or by whom?

The caresses of the wanton call for love; but there is naught more caressing than your charity, nor is anything to be loved more wholesomely than your truth, which is beautiful and bright above all things.

Curiosity pretends to be a desire for knowledge, while you know all things in the highest degree. Ignorance itself and folly are cloaked over with the names of simplicity and innocence, because nothing more simple than you can be found. What is more innocent than you, whereas to evil men their own works are hostile?

Sloth seeks rest as it were, but what sure rest is there apart from the Lord? Luxury of life desires to be called plenty and abundance; you are the fullness and the unfailing plenty of incorruptible pleasure.

Prodigality casts but the shadow of liberality, while you are the most affluent giver of all good things. Avarice desires to possess many things, and you possess all things. Envy contends for excellence: what is more excellent than you? Anger seeks vengeance: who takes vengeance with more justice than you?

Fear shrinks back at sudden and unusual things threatening what it loves, and is on watch for its own safety. But for you what is unusual or what is sudden? Or who can separate you from what you love? Where, except with you, is there firm security? Sadness wastes away over things now lost in which desire once took delight. It did not want this to happen, whereas from you nothing can be taken away. – Augustine, Confessions

Why Do People Pray?

on prayerSince the dawn of time people have prayed for all kinds of reasons and to all kinds of deities. They have prayed to Amon Ra, the Egyptian sun God, and to the pantheon of petty and capricious gods of the Greeks and Romans. Some have prayed to the earth; others to the sky. Some have prayed to Ball, the Canaanite deity; others to Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament. Some have prayed to Allah; others to Jesus. Some have prayed to a “higher power”; others to patron saints. Some, to angels; others to Mary, mother of God.

And though the object of their prayers differs, sometimes dramatically, the subject of their prayers doesn’t. Not substantially, anyway. Regardless of their faith, or lack of it, all people seem to realize the tenuousness of their humanity and their dependence of someone or something greater than themselves. – Ken Gire, Between Heaven and Earth

The Hand of God in All

Helen Steiner Rice poemIn everything both great and small

We see the hand of God in all,

And in the miracles of spring

When everywhere in everything

His handiwork is all around

And every lovely sight and sound

Proclaims the God of earth and sky

I ask myself “Just who am I”

That God should send His only Son

That my salvation would be won

For Jesus suffered, bled, and died

That sinners might be sanctified,

And to grant God’s children such as I

Eternal life in Heaven on High.

– Helen Steiner Rice

Showers of Blessings

Helen Steiner Rice poemEach day there are showers of blessings

Sent from the Father above,

For God is a great, lavish giver

And there is no end to His love –

His grace is more than sufficient,

His mercy is boundless and deep,

And His infinite blessings are countless

And all this we’re given to keep

If we but seek God and find Him

And ask for a bounteous measure

Of this wholly immeasurable offering

From God’s inexhaustible treasure –

For no matter how big man’s dream are,

God’s blessings are infinitely more,

For always God’s giving is greater

Than what man is asking for.