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The Best of Stories

Samwise and Frodo

We went to a movie today – my husband and I and the three kids. They boys had been wanting to watch Planes since it came out in August,  so we’ve been waiting for the opportune moment (in other words, waiting until it comes to the three-dollar theater so we don’t have to spend 50$ for a movie experience. )

So we went to see it today. It’s the story of  a cropduster that wants to be a racing plane.  Being a Disney movie, you’ve probably already guessed the ending (and if you have kids you’ve probably already gone to see it and surely know the ending), but I liked it.

It’s the story of an overcomer.

A little plane that had a dream and refused to let go of it.  He didn’t give up when his friends advised him against racing, telling him it wasn’t what he was made to do. He didn’t turn back when everyone laughed at him, a little cropduster, preparing for the race. He didn’t let go of his dreams when everything seemed to go wrong.

Little Dusty Crophopper overcame.

And I know it’s just a story (and a kids’ story at that) but

life is full of stories

and the ones that we tend to love the most are the ones where someone (or something) refuses to give up when everything says turn back.

From Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to Tony Stark and Captain America in The Avengers, from William Wallace and his band of “warrior poets” to a little hobbit named Frodo and his ever-faithful gardener Samwise Gamgee …

the best of stories are about overcoming

about not giving up, about forging ahead no matter what the obstacles and believing that you will make it, about being willing even to die trying.

The theme makes the best real-life stories too.

and it can be the story of your life.