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Maybe Not A Gladiator


I’m not sure if anyone noticed that I didn’t post my usual “Thursday Thoughts” on the theme of the song from Sunday, “Overcomer” by Mandisa. I didn’t post it on Friday either. In fact, I skipped it altogether.

I guess, in the middle of a busy and rather trying week, if I had  time for any thoughts on the matter, they probably would have been along the lines of, “Why on earth am I posting a song about overcoming when I feel like the opposite 99.4 % of the time?”

Mandisa’s words from the song seem to fit my week precisely:

“Got so much on your mind,

Nothing’s really going right,

Looking for a ray of hope.”

Okay, so I know that God gave me the grace for the week, and I’m almost caught up in my work after a few late nights of editing … but I really don’t feel like an overcomer. I feel tired and like I’m always playing “catch up” with what I have to do. When I feel like I’ve finally managed to find the right balance  in one area, I realize how far behind I’ve fallen in another. To be completely honest, sometimes I wonder whether it’s all worth the effort.

“Whatever it is you may be going through,

I know He’s not gonna let it get the best of you.”

When I think of an “overcomer,” I  tend to picture some superhuman kind of creature, like Thor or a gladiator. I picture someone who has never fallen. But that’s not an overcomer. Lyrics to another song come to mind: “The race is not just for the runners; some of us walk while others barely crawl.”

Maybe that’s the essence of overcoming: not flying over every obstacle, but getting up even when I’ve tripped over the obstacle and fallen flat on my face. Maybe it’s refusing to give up, no matter how far behind I’ve gotten, or how worthless it feels to try to go forward.

“You’re an overcomer.

Stay in the fight ‘til the final round.”

The picture comes to mind now is of a fighter in a boxing ring. And what fighter ever got through without taking a few blows?

“You might be down for a moment

Feeling like it’s hopeless.

That’s when He reminds you,

You’re an overcomer.”

Have you fallen and yet gotten up? Taken a few blows but are still in the fight? Tripped and made a fool of yourself but determined to finish the race?

You’re an overcomer. Believe it.

I’m trying to believe it for me. Because I think it’s true.