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Touching a Fairy Tale

Believing in Fairy Tales

“No matter how forgotten and neglected, there is a child in all of us who is not just willing to believe in the possibility that maybe fairy tales are true after all but who is to some degree in touch with that truth.

You pull the shade on the snow falling, white on white, and the child comes to life for a moment. There is a fragrance in the air, a certain passage of a song, an old photograph falling out from the pages of a book, the sound of somebody’s voice in the hall that makes your heart leap and fills your eyes with tears.

Who can say when or how it will be that something easters up out of the dimness to remind us of a time before we were born and after we will die?

The child in us lives in a world where nothing is too familiar or unpromising to open up into the world where a path unwinds before our feet into a deep wood, and when that happens, neither the world we live in nor the world that lives in us can ever entirely be home again.”

Frederick Buechner – Telling the Truth


The Place Where I Belong

I'm going HomeOn Sunday I posted a song titled “Home.”

Part of the chorus is …

I’m going home, to the place where I belong

Where your love has always been enough for me

It might not have been the intention of the singer, but the words made me think of that one true Home. Just the word “Home,” for me, is synonymous with “Heaven.” Maybe it’s from having lived in so many places and moving so many times in my life, that I can’t really call any one place “Home.” No matter how perfect a situation or how lovely an abode, I know it won’t last forever.

Only one home lasts forever.

And I admit sometimes I’m homesick … of a place I don’t remember, of a Home I’ve never seen. Times that “inconsolable longing” wells up so thickly inside that my heart feels it can’t stand the pressure. When my soul reaches toward something that I can never grasp hold of in this life.

Later in the song, a line says,

The miles are getting longer now

The closer I get to you

Again, I don’t think the singer was referring to an other-worldly destination, but isn’t that how it seems? So far? The miles stretching out endlessly between now and forever.

Perhaps it’s that very longing, though, that draws us close to the side of the Comforter, and welcomes us into the heart of Love that is always open to our cry. One day He will welcome us home … with arms wide open.

Until then, no matter how long the miles or how tiring the journey, He is with us. He gives life, light, and purpose. And that’s what makes the journey worth it all.

Inconsolable Longing

looking up[Ken Gire, writing on Heaven, from Reflections on your Life]

Whatever else heaven is, it is more than our experience of life here on earth, not less. It is the fullness of life, not its reduction. It is the waking, as C.S. Lewis put it, not the dream.

From the glimpses given us… we know that whatever else heaven is, it is full of joy. The picture He left us with is one of merriment, of music, dancing, and feasting (vv. 22-25). “Enter into the joy of your master,” are the words He used in a parable to describe the rewards of heaven (Matthew 25:21, 23).

Now and then we get firefly glimpses of that joy… Fleeting moments that pass all understanding. Here one second, someplace else the next. With childlike excitement we follow them, hoping to catch one of them long enough to take in the wonder of it all.

C.S. Lewis describes the feeling as an “inconsolable longing.” In those moments of longing our joy speaks to us. It speaks to us the way the lick of the spoons speaks of birthday cake, the way the smell of roasting turkey speaks of the Thanksgiving meal, the way the scent of pine speaks of Christmas.

And what it speaks of, is heaven.