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The Hand of God in All

Helen Steiner Rice poemIn everything both great and small

We see the hand of God in all,

And in the miracles of spring

When everywhere in everything

His handiwork is all around

And every lovely sight and sound

Proclaims the God of earth and sky

I ask myself “Just who am I”

That God should send His only Son

That my salvation would be won

For Jesus suffered, bled, and died

That sinners might be sanctified,

And to grant God’s children such as I

Eternal life in Heaven on High.

– Helen Steiner Rice



Who am I

To whisper a prayer in the wind

And know

It will be heard


Who am I

To dream of wondrous things

And know one day

They will come true


Who am I

To follow a path in the dark

And know

Where I am going


Who am I

To be told I am more

Than what I see

And know


More …

More than my choices

More than my mistakes

More than my regrets

More than all I’ve done

Or haven’t done


More than all these

I know

For I am His