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A Time of Renewal

Helen Steiner RiceNo one likes to be sick

and yet we know

It takes sunshine and rain

to make flowers grow

And if we never were sick

and never felt pain,

We’d be like a desert

without any rain,

And who wants a life

that is barren and dry

With never a cloud

to darken the sky

For continuous sun

goes unrecognized

Like the blessings God sends

which are often disguised,

For sometimes a sickness

that seems to distressing

Is a time of renewal

and a spiritual blessing.

Help. Please.

Help. Please,

I can’t do it myself

I’m dumbfounded


All I can say is help

Okay, so I can say more

A thousand words, a million

A hundred deeds and actions

Only You know my heart

And that’s why I beg You


My words so often fail

My actions, my deeds

So short, I know

Of all I want to do

All I want to be

I bring them now


It’s broken. All of it

Take it. Please

And Help

As only You can

I know You will


The Beautiful

The Beautiful

At the end of days


The Beautiful


In my heart


The Beautiful

Light and life and love

Friends and family and flight

Rain and reminiscing and rainbows


The Beautiful

Butterflies in spring

Lightning on summer nights

Earth-tone leaves dancing in autumn

Sparkling white on forest green in winter


The Beautiful

Purpose and paths and promises

Rivers of life and roads of gold

Hope and Heaven

A Better World

In yesterday’s post I mentioned my best friend. She was an awesome writer. I loved reading her poetry, which she rarely shared with anyone. One poem that she wrote I even memorized, little knowing that my memory of it would be my only record of her poetry. I wish I had memorized more of them.

She wrote this poem after a summer missions trip she took to South America. In the same day she met two young men. One seemed to have nothing, as far as physical possessions go, but he was happy, content, and his life had purpose. The other man was rich … and that was it. He wasn’t at all interested in the deeper things of life. This chance meeting affected her, the contrast of these two lives. I don’t know if her poem had a title, but these are the words as well as I can remember them …

Cross the world and cover the land

Hold a thousand palaces in your hand

Men may live or die at your whim

Yet none would have a fate so grim

For if all you hold is all you own

Your life has turned to empty stone

Turn back, I pray, and you will feel

Something inside you far more real

The amber sunlight’s gentle glow

The touch of soft, clean white snow

The gentle life of a tiny child

When all around you was tender and mild

One does not have to always grow up

Let riches and greed and pride corrupt

If one man another way would take

A better world that man could make

— Trina Fire

An Unseen Love

I Believe …

that you are strong

For within you lies an inner strength

That perhaps you have not yet seen … But it is there

I Believe …

that you are beautiful

For everything that lives and breathes has beauty

That reflects the beauty of an unseen love

I Believe …

that you are loved

Cherished and treasured

Beyond things that you can see and touch and feel

Beyond everything around you that looks so real

I Believe …

that you don’t have to be good enough

Or strong enough

Or brave or loving or lovely

Sometimes you just have to

Believe …

In Love, in purpose, in hope

For beyond this life, Love is the one thing that never dies

And if it’s in your heart, you can

Believe …

in what Love sees in you

Someone cherished, loved, and understood

Who you truly are inside — beautiful