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For Those who Watch, Wait, and Weep

Ship_SailingOn Sunday I shared a song by Tenth Avenue North: Worn. When the song first came out, I remember hearing on a radio station that Mike Donehey wrote the song when one of his kids was a baby and he and his wife were both just plain worn out. I could relate, remembering clearly those days when any horizontal surface — even a bathroom floor — looked like a great place to sleep because I was just so tired. Babies can do that to a person, especially someone like me for whom sleeping is one of the greatest joys in life.

But feeling worn out is not always physical. Sometimes we’re emotionally worn, or worn out mentally. I read this prayer today in Ken Gire’s book: Reflections on the Word. I want to share it for anyone who is worn — whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually — because of unrealized dreams, unanswered prayers, or unfulfilled wishes.


Father in heaven,

for all who watch and wait and weep;

for all who have lost heart, and are fearful of the footfall of despair;

for those who feel that nothing matters now, and have relaxed their watch where unrelenting temptation hides in the shadows;

for eyes which have grown weary scanning a sailless sea for ships which have never come in;

for those whose love has gone unrequited and whose hungry hearts are starved;

for those who have lost the faith which once was theirs,

and voyage strange and stormy seas alone–

for all these we pray that of thy mercy thou wouldst restore their unshepherded souls, and lead them in right paths for thy name’s sake. Amen

(Hubert L. Simpson in Channels of Desperation by Gladys C. Murrell)